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Daniel Rosehill
7 min readMar 22, 2021

Thanks for checking out my Medium profile! Feel free to watch the video intro below.

My name is Daniel Rosehill. I’m a marketing consultant with a passion for technology (and journalism). I was born in Ireland, although I currently live in Jerusalem.

I blog on here about tech (especially Linux and backups!), marketing, writing, and whatever else comes to mind (including sometimes ADHD).

At the time of writing at least, my Medium content is all un-paywalled. I write to share ideas with people rather than to monetize. So whether you’re a paying Medium member or a curious browser who’s stumbled here through a search engine, you should be able to read this writing.

The joy of writing, for me, is in the pursuit of the expression — and the opportunities and relationships it creates that may otherwise have never been possible.

If you like something that I wrote, please feel free to share it with your network. If you want to reproduce it on your blog, podcast, or another channel, then see the reproduction section below. But the TL;DR is that it’s fine so long as the writing is attributed and used for non-commercial purposes as a non-derivative work (that Creative Commons license is here).

Linktree is a great service! If you want quick access to my information, check out my Linktree below:

My Medium Publications

Please feel free to also follow these publications which I run:

Marketing Communications Digest

Marketing Communications Digest contains some of my thinking — and writing — on everything to do with marketing communications (MarCom), including strategy, inbound marketing, and the evolution of marketing.

Freelance Writing (Inactive)

Freelance Writing contains my writings about …. freelance writing. It’s a (small) reservoir of free knowledge which I’ve shared both to clarify these things in my head and because I don’t believe in monopolizing knowledge about “how to freelance.” Although I’m no longer focused on selling writing services to clients (at least exclusively), it is my hope that the articles published there will prove useful to those pursuing freelance writing as a career — whether for journalistic or marketing purposes.

DSR Ghostwriting

My professional pursuit, DSR Ghostwriting and my articles about thought leadership:

All About Async

I’m a huge believer in the power of asynchronous communications — and remote work. In fact, although I understand the need for occasional synchronous communication (sometimes that need is unqualified; like calling emergency services!), I think that asynchronous communication is going to prove essential for remote work to reach its potential and create the kind of satisfactory fulfilling working environments its participants deserve. All About Async is where I post my occasional thoughts about what’s new and exciting in the world of async — including best practices, vendors, and data.

My Email Address / How To Get In Touch

Feel free to drop me a line either through my website or by emailing this address: medium + my name (first name and last name together no spaces, all lower case).

The TLD is dot co dot il.

Hopefully that was clever enough to defeat the spambots. If not, I’ll just delete the automated email trying to sell me on an SEO review.

If you’re the type to prefer PGP, then a public key that will reach me can be found here:

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Note: distribution is highly irregular and at best highly infrequent.

You can also subscribe to receive posts from me directly here on Medium.

At the time of this writing, the latter is probably a more reliable channel.

Follow Me Elsewhere On The Internet (And Social Media)

I’m currently exploring videography and am having great fun creating some videos around Jerusalem and elsewhere to learn the ropes of it. Who said writers can’t learn new tricks?!

If you’re interested in following that process, you can subscribe to my YouTube here:


I’m too cantankerous— and old and skeptical — to use Instagram and Tik Tok. I dip into other platforms throughout the day.

While I have periodically vented here about the awfulness of LinkedIn, for its connection-making qualifies and its other redeeming features, I retain a presence there.

My Writing Can Also Be Found Here

Professionally, I undertake a lot of ghostwriting and marketing advisory work on behalf of clients.

But from time to time, I also get round to hemming out my own thoughts elsewhere on the internet. As time goes by, I find myself deriving less value from publishing through external channels. Most of my writing is now congregated here.

Professional Background (Core)

  • Founder @ RosehillMarcom / DSR Ghostwriting

I’ve been running my own business since 2015 — previously as a “side-hustle” and now full time.

I’ve worked with marketing agencies, companies, and individual entrepreneurs from around the world.

My main area of focus, these days, is on creating and executing cohesive thought leadership marketing strategies, particularly for delivery in print, ‘in pixel’, and in speech.

While that may sound jargony — and thought leadership receives some well-deserved skepticism — I really try to offer something specific.

I see thought leadership and content marketing as very distinct marketing activities with unique purposes. In my day-to-day work with clients, I try to help those with genuinely important and impactful things to say to say it right — and connect with the best audiences.

  • Marketing Communications Manager @ Various Technology Startups

My in-house career involved managing marketing communications at a number of high growth technology companies, including those in both Ireland and the Middle East.

In Ireland, I was the first marketing resource at Ecanvasser, now a global political technology company. In Israel, I worked at an industrial IoT company — and have worked with many others.

What’s in my future? I’m exciting about remote working and continuing to work with businesses from around the world.


MA in Political Journalism — City University, London

BCL (Law) — University College Cork, Ireland

Quoting Something I Wrote Here

Unless otherwise stated, everything that I post here to Medium can be considered to be licensed under the following Creative Commons licensing terms:

  • Attribution is courteous, much appreciated, and requested.
  • The licensing terms are non-commercial because I don’t make money from these articles so don’t grant the right for others to do so (on these pieces).
  • And non-derivative because I go to pains to create content the way that I do. While I’m always happy to have writing here quoted with attribution, I don’t grant the right for others to change my words.

I’ve had people quote my pieces excellently. And watched as dubious internet scammers plagiarized my writing and butchered it into broken English. I’d request the former.

If you’d like to do something more with anything that I wrote, the best course of action is to get in touch. Full info is here:

Media Resources

If for any reason you need a headshot and bio, this short and snappy one is my go-to for podcasts, the media, etc:

Daniel Rosehill is a marketing consultant based in Jerusalem who helps technology clients including startups and entrepreneurs to plan and execute thought leadership marketing campaigns. His interests include Linux, startup businesses, technology, and travelling.

More resources here:

Thanks for checking out my profile on Medium!


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